Yoda Soccer Project 0.77 for Windows 10


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Yoda Soccer Project is a free sports game, the contents of which are exciting and very dynamic football games. Terms of looks and features, the program is similar to shining once successful, the title of Sensible Soccer, however, has a much more refined graphics. The player who starts playing, select your team, identifying its nationality and league. Here it is possible to participate in club competitions and take part in a friendly match. We also have access to many options to define the basic parameters of the match as a team, we decided to drive to victory. During the game awaits us further confrontation with variable weather conditions significantly affect the course of the game. Interestingly, there is also a choice of Polish teams as well as our native language settings, as this will be a program to communicate with the user. Minimum requirements: Processor: Unknown Memory: Unknown Video card: No Data Available disk space: Unknown card: No data